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Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst DB Dynamite Battle All-In-One Set B-190

$122.00 $125.00

TAKARA TOMY Beyblade Burst Dynamite Burst Battle All-In-One Set B-190

Features and whats included:

Dynamite Belial .Nx.Vn-3 Beyblade (Gold Ver.)
DB Core - Belial I
Blade - Dynamite
Armor - 3
Forge Disc - Nexus
Performance Tip - Venture
Sticker Set

Bey Weight: 64g
Type: Attack
Spin Direction: Right
Hasbro Name: N/A

Roar Bahamut .Kr.MDr-6 Beyblade (Violet Ver.)
DB Core - Bahamut
Blade - Roar
Armor - 6
Forge Disc - Karma
Performance Tip - Metal Drift
Sticker Set

Bey Weight: 74.2g
Type: Defense
Spin Direction: Left
Hasbro Name: N/A

1x Beystadium DB

2x Ripcord Launchers


Ages: 8+